Plugin para WordPress: Posts privados por padrão

Quando você escreve um novo post, página ou tipo de post customizado, este plugin faz com que a visibilidade padrão seja “Privado”.


3 ideias sobre “Plugin para WordPress: Posts privados por padrão

  1. Svein Morten Rougnø


    I am running WordPress 3.0.1 multiuser at a norwegian college/university. Currently there are 717 wordpress sites created.

    I recently installed your plugin “Private Posts by Default”, and now we discovered a strange thing that happens with password protected posts…

    When we set a post visibility to password protected, and click update post, it changes to “public”. If I open the post, it does still seem to be password protected.

    If I deactivate your plugin and set it to “password protected” again, then it works normally, and stays “password protected”…

  2. Asdwwe

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